Sharp announced that their new oxide semiconductor (IGZO) technology that features high crystallinity is set for a worldwide debut, where this particular material is said to deliver even higher resolutions without sipping additional power – on the contrary, it will deliver higher visual quality while lowering power consumption, not to mention superior performance in touchscreen displays, in addition to narrower bezel widths for LCD display panels that tend to see action in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.


Not only that, Sharp’s IGZO panels are also said to be able to be adapted for action in organic EL displays, paving the way for a pretty bright future where display technology is concerned. Needless to say, there definitely will be obstacles to the commercialization process, especially when we are looking at service life and production, but Sharp intends to position themselves favorably by pushing ahead with research and development in order to meet the needs of future markets. All the best, Sharp! [Press Release]

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