Have you ever come across any article that touched on how one should not sleep anywhere near a cell phone or smartphone, simply because of the radiation waves that come out from it? Well, for those who want to do so in a safe manner, here is an interesting idea – a bedding set that smells and looks like  iPhone all over the place. This iPhone is a 3-piece bedding set, allowing you to fall asleep with a large sized multi-touchscreen display covering you, keeping you nice, warm and comfortable. While very little else is known about this particular bedding sheet set, it is still worth looking into if you know of someone who loves all things iPhone. No idea on where you are able to purchase this though, but the set comprises of roughly twin-bed sized light futon or duvet, a pillow cover, and a tiny cushion. Seems to be the perfect device for tweens, don’t you think so? You can definitely fool your kinds into telling them you are getting them an iPhone soon, with this bedding set.

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