Remember the Wii U controller? Yes, the same video game controller that had a display embedded within, coupled with motion sensors and what-not. Well, Downing has a DIY project which is certainly worthy of mention – the SNES-001 that sees the entire SNES crammed into the form factor of a controller, not to mention a couple of controller ports and its crowning glory, a display right smack in the middle. Not only that, Downing also took the effort to paint the system a classic Famicom red and white for nostalgia’s sake. The display in the SNES-001 will be connected to the console via a second pair of SNES controller ports. Underneath the hood, the video signal that is generated by the SNES will be divided into each controller, where the controller displays actually function as smaller, mirrored versions of what one would see on a TV screen. You can pick it up from eBay for $499.99 a pop.

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