Yes, there has been some word going around that Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G LTE smartphone has run into some issues with the Google Wallet service, and Google themseves, the Internet search giant, has stepped forward to say that they are working on a fix, and it should be resolved in due time. It seems that HTC EVO 4G LTE devices (just a certain batch) have experienced reported problems in getting Google Wallet to work, where one of the signs of that would be an error message that says it has yet to be certified for use on the phone/carrier. A Sprint employee has also done his bit to acknowledge the problem on a forum post, touting that HTC was working on a fix of some kind. Google too, confirmed this part of the story, and are already hard at work in developing a fix before the app works just fine.

It is good to know that this particular glitch does seem to be related to the phone’s software, so there is nothing broken about the EVO 4G LTE’s NFC hardware. Hopefully a fix can be found, and soon.

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