Just yesterday we reported that according to iOS jailbreaker, MuscleNerd, it seems that he has managed to achieve a tethered jailbreak for iOS 6. We’re not sure what exploit he was using, but if its the same exploit that the jailbreaking community has been using for the past two years then it looks like the wait for an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak could be longer than you think. According to another famous iOS jailbreaker, pod2g, he recently tweeted that the two year old exploit used to jailbreak iOS 6 devices has been closed. This particular exploit was originally discovered by comex and has been used for the past two years, so it’s a bit odd that it had suddenly be closed.


Some are speculating that this could be due to comex’s internship with Apple last year, where it might have been part of his agreement with Apple to point out existing and future holes and bugs in iOS that would lead to jailbreak solutions. Whatever the case is, we hope that this won’t hamper the jailbreak progress too much. Either way with iOS 6 yet to be released (expected for the Fall), we guess we still have a long way to go so here’s hoping that the jailbreakers will find something from now until then.

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