Vimeo has lifted the veil on their new Enhancer option that will enable you to produce better videos, as you now have the ability of throwing in any of more than 50,000 music tracks that are available from the Vimeo Music Store to your Vimeo videos straight from the site without any hassles. New music partner SmartSound has also thrown in nearly 4,000 customizable tracks in order to offer you the ability to match just about any complete piece of music to the length and mood of your videos – perfectly.

According to ae Mellencamp, President of Vimeo, “Vimeo wants to help people make better videos. Combining our educational efforts like Vimeo Video School with these new customization tools help make it easy for everyone to create videos that they are excited Vimeo’s new Enhancer will be a suite of cloud-based tools that allow people to modify and improve their existing videos, starting with music. Today’s release gives video creators the ability to add a new soundtrack to their already uploaded video, adjust the existing audio levels, and control the start and end-point of the song.”

After all, getting the right soundtrack to a particular video is an art not to be overlooked, as it can make or break a video. Imagine the classic lightsaber duels in Star Wars being shot with LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It” playing in the background, asking Luke Skywalker to wiggle his lightsaber…that is just so wrong on all levels.

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