A few years ago, 3D video content seemed to be the in thing, where we saw handset makers launch smartphones that would feature glasses-free 3D displays. Then we saw TV makers also launch similar devices, some that required glasses, some that did not require glasses, although admittedly the trend has somewhat died down.

However it seems that Vimeo might be trying to push the next trend which comes in the form of holographic videos, to the point where the company actually launched a channel dedicated to holographic video content as part of a collaboration between Vimeo Creator Labs and Looking Glass Factory.

It sounds pretty fun and interesting, but there is a catch. The catch is that it will require users to purchase/own a separate gadget/display known as The Looking Glass. This will allow users to watch the holographic content from the channel. Of course a channel is only as good as its content, which is why Vimeo has put together a tutorial on how creators can go about creating their own holographic content.

In a way and to a certain extent, this reminds us of Facebook’s 3D photos, a feature that they rolled out not too long ago where through the use of your smartphone’s Portrait Mode (it’s currently only available for iOS), it can create a 3D-like photo that shows you angles in a photo that you might not otherwise be able to see. Of course the question is whether or not this is necessary to begin with, but it is most definitely very interesting.

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