Back in 2015, YouTube announced their support for 360-degree videos where users could upload videos captured in 360, and where viewers get to pan around the video using their phones, computers, or even a virtual reality (VR) headset. Given Facebook’s interest in video and their interest in VR, it didn’t take long for the social network to hop on board as well.

Of course YouTube and Facebook aren’t the only video platforms in the world, and Vimeo is another popular upload destination, although it does seem to cater to a very different audience compared to YouTube. That being said, it seems that Vimeo also wants in on 360-degree videos as the company has announced its support for them.

Dubbed Vimeo 360, this is basically the same feature we’ve seen in other video platforms. According to Vimeo, “We want all creators to feel empowered, start experimenting with new 360 techniques, and begin sharing insights. The more we can delve into your wondrous videos, the more we can all find inspiration, and usher in the new standard for incredible storytelling.”

Users can enjoy these 360-degree videos on their mobile devices or computers, or even VR headsets like the Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR as Vimeo has already taken this into consideration. “Our Android and iOS apps sync up with most headsets: all you’ve got to do is tap the headset icon in the mobile player, or scan your headset’s QR code, and we’ll make sure the video renders properly for your gear.” In the meantime you  can check out the video above to get an idea of Vimeo’s 360 video efforts.

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