Developers have received a third beta of iOS 6 from Apple, which is always a good thing – and this release has happened with ample time between now and the coming fall for developers to dive into and work out all the different nooks and crannies offered by this particular update. It is also the second major update for developers since June, coming just three weeks after Apple’s last version. It is said that there are plans for several more betas in the pipeline ahead of a release to the general public later this fall.

According to MacRumors, this particular third iOS 6 beta update will not be accompanied by a changes list, but that does not mean that nothing new is thrown into the mix. No sir, several discoveries from the previous beta do point towards an updated addition of the Smart Banner feature so that website owners are able to promote their iOS applications, in addition to toggling the new Shared Photo Streams feature on and off. If you are a developer for Apple, how are you taking to the third iOS 6 beta – like a fish to water?

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