BingWhile search engines have made it extremely efficient for us to find what we need on the internet, there are times when we just can’t uncover what we need. Instead of having to sift through tons of irrelevant results and promoted pages that make their way to the top – sometimes a recommendation from a friend is all we need. Well, as of today, Bing has made it easier for us to ask our friends when we’re performing a search.


Bing announced today that Bing users can easily tag their Facebook friends when searching. All you have to do is use Bing’s social sidebar and select “Choose friends to notify”. You can then add up to five friends from Facebook to tag in the query, and with your permission Bing will post the search on your Facebook wall, tagging your friends in the process. This way, you and your will be notified and can pitch in to help you what you’re looking for. Who knows, some of you friends could even learn something new from each other. A pretty useful feature if you ask me. Just head over to Bing and start searching today.

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