EA logoIf you have been gaming for a while now, you’ve probably noticed that games have started adopting the freemium model. In case you’re wondering what that is, the freemium model is where games are free to play, but players will instead pay the developer by buying in-game items or perks using real money. This could potentially lead to the developer earning more than they would if they had sold the game at a fixed price, but this model is also one that might not sit well with gamers who’d rather pay a flat fee and be granted access to everything. EA on the other hand seems to think that the freemium model is the future. Speaking with MCV, the game publisher has revealed that they believe that freemium is the future simply because “humans like free stuff”. Personally I’d rather pay a flat fee and be done with it, rather than play a game and racking up a huge bill simply because there are too many items/perks to buy using real money, but what do you guys think? We’ve had this debate before, but would you rather developers and publishers take the freemium route, or are you still in favor of one off payments?

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