I am not quite sure why there even needs to be a division between the worlds of PC and console gaming – can’t both of them co-exist together in peace? After all, it is not to say that the emergence of the PC as a gaming platform has shifted all developers’ attention to that particular machine that consoles are neglected. I would say that PC and consoles complement each other instead of being competitive, but that is another story for a different day. What about Electronic Arts (EA for short), one of the biggest publishers of video games, has to say about the situation? According to EA CEO John Riccitiello, he “A major catalyst going forward, and the most important catalyst going forward is visibility on next-generation console, because that NPD data – that minus 10-25% that you’ve been seeing – that can and should be reversed out and some point, probably starting next year.”


To put it in plain English, Riccitiello has hopes that NPD will be tracking physical next-generation console sales in the US from next year onwards. If that is the case, then only the Wii U would be in the equation at this point in time, since there has been nothing but just anticipation of a new Microsoft and Sony console announcement next year, although nothing has been leaked or confirmed in concrete to date.

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