We have the Karma Fisker and Tesla Roadster as prime examples of what an electric sports car can deliver, but if you were to turn the tables around and start off on the other end of the equation, what do you end up with? Enter the Eggasus electric car, which is said to be an alternative solution for urban travel. This is one special looking vehicle which might draw laughs, but it will definitely grab the limelight on the road even if there is a Rolls Royce pulling up beside it. After all, there is a comfortable seat for one to facilitate easy driving, sporting tinted windows alongside an enclosed cab that will offer some semblance of protection for the driver from external elements.


It will not burn up the asphalt however, as the Eggasus electric car will max out at just 25mph. Right now, important details concerning its price, power, and range are unavailable, but do expect to see it arrive in the US later this fall. You would not be able to pick up dates with this since it seats only one, although I am not sure if someone is crazy enough to modify it and include some sort of seating attachment on the roof of the Eggasus.

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