One of the more handy features of Blackberry devices and Android devices is that they come with a flashing notification light. This lets users know that they have messages, emails, missed calls, and etc. waiting without having to look at the screen. This is incredibly convenient for times when you might not have been around when an alert goes off. Unfortunately this is one of the features that is lacking on the iPhone (unless you count the use of the LED flash via the accessibility menu), although we have to admit that it isn’t exactly crucial, nor is it a make-or-break feature. However if you’re an iPhone user and you’d like notification lights on your phone, you might be able to thanks to a Kickstarter project for an iPhone case dubbed the FLASHr.


As we said earlier, LED notifications are actually built into the phone itself and can be accessed via the Accessibility menu which allows the hearing impaired to turn on LED notifications. This basically sets off the phone’s camera flash to let them know that they have a notification. It’s not very subtle but it gets the job done. However the FLASHr case takes that feature and turns it into something a little less obvious, but noticeable nonetheless. Using a reflective plate built into the case, the light from the LED flash will be reflected and bounced around within the Glow Frame, which will then give off a neon green glow (as pictured above; color is customizable too), letting users know that they have a message, call, email, etc.

We have to admit that it looks pretty good and a pledge of $35 will net you the case upon successful funding and production. If you’re interested in helping their project kick off, or if you’d like to know more, head on over to the FLASHr Kickstarter page for the details!

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