A bunch of smart folks over at the North Carolina State University has managed to come up with what they think could change the way liquid crystal projectors work – almost doubling the light efficiency in those projectors, to be exact. This might eventually spell the end of huge and possibly noisy cinema gear. At this point in time, conventional technology will pass unpolarized light through a filter, although the current process is said to be so inefficient that nearly 50% of the energy is wasted in order to keep things cool.

The Wolfpack and ImagineOptix filter which will see action in this new method, where the team has claimed to be 90% more efficient. Does this mean that future projectors will also see a slimmed down version that is far more sleek and aesthetically pleasing? The answer can be answered in just a matter of time, and it might just change the way that smartphone pico projectors work. Will hardware manufacturers manage to catch on to this new technology? [Press Release]

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