So, those of us living in tropical countries or who reside in the northern hemisphere and are about to experience summer, a trip to the nearest beach (or one that is far away will also do) is certainly worth looking into – especially building memories with your little ones are one of the best ways to a positive memorable childhood, instead of just being an absentee parent who showers gifts and money to make up for your non-presence. Building a sandcastle has taken on a whole new method, thanks to the Manual 3D Sandcastle Printer that you see here. Forget about the old school buckets and using just your hands alone, tools like this plastic sand and water funnel ought to get your budding engineer all excited about his or her trip to the beach.

Of course, this is nowhere near a standard issue 3D printer, although it does help you place sand in difficult to reach areas with more finesse. There is no guarantee against waves destroying your final sculpture as well, so make sure there is a camera on hand in order for you to capture that masterpiece before it falls prey to time and tide.

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