water-printerEven offices these days would want to take the green route, as that is the right thing to do considering the rather limited resources that our world offers. Hence, the whole idea of recycling paper has been mooted for years now, and the office is one place where recycling paper makes plenty of sense. Despite the world taking on a more digital stance, paper copies of documents happen to be used still, and it is said that approximately 40% of these documents happen to be thrown away after being read. Apart from that, the ink used to print such documents are not exactly cheap in the long run, either. A bunch of chemists from Jilin University in China might have a suitable solution to this dilemma – by developing a printer which relies on water rather than ink to print on, while the paper itself will end up blank (and obviously, good as new) again after 22 hours so that one can re-use it.

How is this made possible? The paper holds the key to this green initiative, where it arrives pre-treated with an invisible dye known as oxazolidine. Oxazolidine will react to the water from the printer, where it creates a clear print which will last for approximately 22 hours, before the print fades away, letting you use the same sheet of paper many times more than usual. The only compulsory component to make this a reality is to have it work in a temperature below 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and refilling it with water is a no-brainer. It might not be a 3D color printer, but it will still turn heads with its capability.

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