If you think that voice dictation software is a lot more accurate and efficient compared to typing things out on the keyboard, or if you’re someone that multitasks a lot, then voice dictation software is probably a tool you rely on often, or wish you had. Well the good news is that Nuance has announced that the 12th version of its Dragon NaturallySpeaking software will be shipping come 13th of August. The upgrade is expected to introduce 100 new features, among which is faster performance and an increase of 20% in accuracy. It will also feature more integration with popular email platforms such as Gmail and Hotmail and will offer up extended support for the Dragon Remote Mic app for Android. If you have yet to try the app out for yourself, you can pop on over to Nuance’s website where additional details of the upcoming version 12 are available, and where you will be able to pre-order a copy for $100.

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