HSBC To Introduce Voice-Recognition Phone Banking

Given that banks deal with people’s money, obviously they are trying their best to come up with all kinds of ways to secure the accounts of their customers. Some banks have turned to giving out dongles that generate one-time use codes, while some like Barclays have rolled out biometric security that requires fingerprints.

Nuance’s Dragon Anywhere Arriving On Mobile This Fall

For those who are wondering why Nuance is such a familiar name, it is because they are the company who was responsible for the original backend for Apple’s Siri voice assistant feature. That being said the company does have its own services and products, like Dragon Anywhere which they have recently announced will be arriving on mobile devices this fall.As it stands, Dragon Anywhere is available on the desktop, but […]

Netherlands Bank Lets Customers Use Their Voice As A Password

If you have called the bank to talk to a customer service rep about your account, they will ask you to authenticate yourself through a series of personal questions, and in some cases they will even ask for a password. These methods are relatively secure assuming that no one else knows those details.However it seems that over in the Netherlands, the ING bank will be rolling out a new security […]

Domino’s Pizza App Updated With Nuance Integration

If you want to order a pizza without leaving the house, there are many options available to you. You can either call up the pizza parlor, place an order online, or use a smartphone app to place your order. But what if you wanted to use a smartphone app, but place the order with your voice? Well the good news is that now you can, at least with Domino’s PIzza, […]


Swype Makes Appearance On Smartwatch

Smartwatches – they could’ve been the next big thing, but I suppose that particular day has yet to come at this point in time. I mean, how many people do you know who actually own a Samsung Galaxy Gear timepiece that works great with the Galaxy Note 3? Sure, you can rattle off some names, but I am quite sure that the number of people you know who do not […]

Robot Does 19 Languages, Could Be Blueprint For Future C3-PO

If there was a particular gift that I would like to have, it would be the ability to understand all the different languages in the world. What a great gift that would be! I know of some people who are fluent in 6 or 7 languages, bless their souls, and the ease at which they switch from one language to another never ceases to amaze me. I suppose robots would […]

Apple And Nuance Deliberating Bringing Swype Keyboard To iOS

Most Android users are familiar with Swype keyboard, it is an intelligent virtual keyboard which makes typing faster as users don’t have to punch in letters like they would normally have to do. By sliding the thumb over letters that make up a certain word, user’s will be given the most accurate word suggestion based on the swiping of their thumb. Only recently the folks at Nuance released Swype 1.5 […]

Prepare To Be Annoyed By Voice Ads On Your Mobile Devices

We’re not sure when the annoying trend of voice ads started to pop up on the Internet, but it looks as though we can also expect them to annoy us to no end on our mobile devices in the future thanks to Nuance Mobile. Their new Nuance Voice service will not only speak to the user whatever it is the advertiser would like to convey to them, but it will […]

Nuance’s Nina is a new virtual assistant for mobile customer service apps

Nuance already wowed us when it introduced Dragon Drive and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 in April and July respectively. Today, the expert provider of voice and language solutions for businesses, is introducing a new virtual assistant for mobile customer services apps. It’s called Nina, and the name stands for Nuance Interactive Natural Assistant. Nina is actually a suite of voice-powered personal assistant technologies that combines Nuance speech recognition, Text-to-Speech (TTS), voice […]

Nuance announces Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 for shipping August 13

If you think that voice dictation software is a lot more accurate and efficient compared to typing things out on the keyboard, or if you’re someone that multitasks a lot, then voice dictation software is probably a tool you rely on often, or wish you had. Well the good news is that Nuance has announced that the 12th version of its Dragon NaturallySpeaking software will be shipping come 13th of […]

BMW will be the first to feature Nuance’s Dragon Drive! Messaging technology

Nuance Communications unveiled Dragon Drive in May this year. Dragon Drive hopes to provide car owners the capability to send and read text messages through voice using its voice recognition technology. Nuance previously said that its messaging service will be followed by other services soon, which will include controls for listening to music, web browsing, directions and more. Today, Nuance is announcing that German automaker BMW will be the first […]

“Near final” build of iOS reportedly in carrier testing

There has been word that iOS 5 is reaching its final build, and the rumors are suggesting that selected carriers have been given the “near final” build of iOS 5 for testing. We’re not sure if this implies that the iPhone 5 is nearing as well, but for those who are more interested in iOS 5, it appears that there are several key features in iOS 5 that are reportedly […]

Nuance FlexT9 is one flexible keyboard

The great thing about Android is its ability to pretty much customize every single aspect of the device and the operating system. From simple changes like the look of the device, to more complicated procedures like overclocking the processor and installing custom ROMs – you can make an Android device truly your own. One of the things you can do without much trouble is change the on-screen keyboard that comes […]

Ford to debut SYNC system across Europe

Ford recently announced that they will debut their SYNC system in Europe where the 2012 Ford Focus is concerned, which means its current language range will also multiply more than sixfold from three to 19. Originally launched in the US back in 2007, it has been fairly successful that it can go global. In this case, Ford will be working with Nuance Communications in order to ensure that SYNC users […]