For those who are wondering why Nuance is such a familiar name, it is because they are the company who was responsible for the original backend for Apple’s Siri voice assistant feature. That being said the company does have its own services and products, like Dragon Anywhere which they have recently announced will be arriving on mobile devices this fall.

As it stands, Dragon Anywhere is available on the desktop, but come this fall those who are interested will be able to get their hands on the voice dictation app on their mobile device, which might actually be a good thing since taking voice notes and having it transcribed for you while on the go seems like a good idea.

It will also be cloud-connected so you can save your transcriptions onto your preferred cloud service and access it on your computer later for further editing. The app will also be continuously learning your voice so that over time, it will become more accustomed to it and will provide better transcriptions.

Users will also be able to add their own custom words, so if you work in an industry where there are a lot of technical terms, the app will be able to pick up on that and record it if you were to save it to your custom words beforehand. Nuance’s Dragon Anywhere will be launched on iOS and Android this fall with a subscription-based payment system.

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