voice-recognitionGiven that banks deal with people’s money, obviously they are trying their best to come up with all kinds of ways to secure the accounts of their customers. Some banks have turned to giving out dongles that generate one-time use codes, while some like Barclays have rolled out biometric security that requires fingerprints.

Now the good news is that if you are a HSBC customer in the UK, you will be pleased to learn that the bank will be stepping up their security game by rolling out biometric security to more than 15 million of its customers. This includes fingerprint scanning technology, along with voice recognition technology courtesy of Nuance.

If you’re wondering why does this sound so familiar, it is because HSBC won’t be the first bank to use such technology. Earlier last year we reported that a bank in the Netherlands rolled out a similar security feature. Dubbed Voice ID, this security feature from HSBC will be able to recognize your voice to identify you as the customer.

This is thanks to Nuance’s technology that can pick up over 100 unique identifiers in your voice, along with the ability to recognize things like speed, cadence, pronunciation, and more. The bank expects to roll out Voice ID signups to customers in the coming weeks, so if you’re interested you should probably keep an eye out for it.

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