Although electric cars are becoming more and more popular these days, one challenge remains – beating gasoline-powered cars in terms of mileage. But the QBEAK electric car is trying to change all that. The QBEAK electric car, currently in its conceptual phase, can reportedly run 500 miles on a single battery charge – even better than the Chevrolet Volt hybrid that can cover 375 miles on a single charge. QBEAK will utilize bio-methanol to improve its battery life.

According to its designers, bio-methanol is better than gasoline or diesel because it can produce less carbon dioxide. Mogens Lokke, the CEO of ECOmove, said that the car will be outfitted with six battery modules inside its chassis instead of using a conventional fixed battery. The designers are planning to release a battery-powered model later this year. Meanwhile, a battery/ fuel model is also expected to arrive next year. The QBEAK car will sport in-wheel electric motors to deliver speeds up to 120kph.

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