tfx-terrafugiaWhenever you watch movies like Star Wars, especially in Star Wars episodes 2 and 3, or how about the remake of Total Recall, you begin to wonder how come folks are so law-abiding when they “drive” in the air, whereas they remain utterly reckless whenever they are driving on the ground with lines to guide them. A flying car is certainly as likely as a flying pig, or is it? What you see above could be the savior of traffic jams, but it might also spell the end of mankind as the rate of accidents are sure to increase exponentially compared to regular road users, and everyone on the road will need to wear helmets to avoid falling debris. The Terrafugia TF-X is a plug-in hybrid, where the team behind it are currently working on a feasibility study.

We do not know too much about the Terrafugia TF-X at the moment, other than the fact that it will improve on its spiritual predecessor, the Transition’s basic design. It seems that this bad boy will be able to seat four, sports fly-by-wire controls and state-of-the-art in intelligent systems. Imagine it having vertical take-off and landing capability like that of a helicopter. Considering how the Transition would retail for $279,000, one can only wonder whether the TF-X would cost a whole lot more than that.

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