electric-cars-nissanIt seems that plugging in your electric car to charge up its battery could be painful for your bank account, as a certain Katie Green found out to her dismay. In fact, Green cannot believe the fact that she was on the receiving end of a ticket, since she has been doing the exact same thing all the way since 2011.

Katie Green is a Transcona resident who lived on Cedar Grove for the past three years, where each year she ensures that her engine block remains nice and warm by dragging a cord through her basement window and plugging it into her car. The cord did not make its way across a sidewalk, and neither does it make a nuisance of itself on a street, but rather, resides on her front lawn. However, the Winnipeg Parking Authority decided to “award” her with a ticket, and of all times at 5:20 am Sunday morning,

Green shared her frustrations, “When it spans the sidewalk I can understand the risk. But this is outrageous.” According to the City of Winnipeg, this amounts to a ‘safety issue’, but did not manage to provide any explanation other than a copy of the bylaw that mentioned, “No person other than a Utility shall place or leave on or across any part of a City street, an unattended wire, cord or cable, that is capable of transmitting electrical energy from public or private property to or across a City street. he bylaw is in place for safety reasons as cords may present a tripping hazard to pedestrians or become caught/pulled during plowing operations – both on the sidewalk and on the street. Where cords are left, they can impede plowing operations.”

Green is not the only one alone in this matter, since there was at least another person who received a ticket. What do you make of this – overzealous enforcement?

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