ford-solar-hybridThe idea of a green vehicle has definitely gained traction. After all, fossil fuels are finite in terms of its availability, and it is wise to start paying attention to renewable fuel and energy sources to keep the constantly growing automotive industry moving along in the right direction. Ford has taken a look at hybrid cars, and they intend to work on a hybrid sei-solar vehicle that will be able to run partly on sunlight, which is a good thing. After all, the sun still rises in the east and sets in the west every single day, right? At least for most of us, unless you live in some faraway place that gives you half a year of sunlight and another half a year of darkness. What you see above is not what Ford has in mind on our roads, but it is just there for illustrative purposes. Ford’s focus on the concept would be based on the C-Max platform known as the Solar Energi.

C-Max happens to be a compact which has already been constructed with special regard to gas mileage, where the photovoltaic panels that line the car’s roof are capable of giving up to 34 kilometers of range on pure electric power alone, and it can hit a whopping 1,000 kilometers based on electric-assisted gas power. Of course, we have no idea on how long the charge time is at the moment, so hopefully details will be ironed out in due time.

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