The Raspberry Pi is certainly one of the more interesting DIY computer components that we have come across so far, simply because you will need to purchase a chassis, monitor and other essential peripherals separately, never mind that the “brain” of the computer will cost you a mere $35. Having said that, how far does $35 worth of chips are able to bring you these days? It will not be enough to play Diablo 3 or all of the latest games, but at least it gets the job done in terms of checking your emails and surfing your favorite new sites.

With the Raspberry Pi, this Linux-powered computer can also double up as a media center, a remote client for logging into a Windows PC, or even as a notebook – but how about transforming it into a classic gaming console? This is what happened to this particular iteration of the Raspberry Pi, where it will load emulators for old school video game consoles including the SNES. One thing’s for sure, its processor is faster than anything from the 16-bit era, so even if it runs under the umbrella of an emulator, the end result is still pretty smooth to the eyes.

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