The Roskva electric motorcycle is the brainchild of five engineering students from the University of Life Sciences in Oslo. The team wanted to a develop a bike that will feature a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque frame for its chassis. The electric motorcycle’s  wheels, single-sided swingarm, and drive-shaft were also made from carbon fiber to preserve its lightweight design. For the battery, the team chose to use lithium iron phosphate due its stability and a useful power/weight ratio. The batteries will power two D135RAGS  electric motors that delivers 80 Nm (59 ft lbs) of torque and peak power of 96.6 horsepower.


The Roskva electric motorcycle also features an onboard Kelly controller on each its two motors with a voltage of 120 volts and 600 amps at peak. According to the engineers, the Roskva  has a top speed of 180 km/h (110 mph) with a range of 100 km (62 miles). The final design was presented in May this year and after months of hard work, it was officially launched at Oslo’s Aker Brygge earlier this month. ”Roskva gives the owner the sensation of owning something handmade and unique, as opposed to the typical Japanese motorcycle,” the team said. “Roskva will stand out and attract attention by having a different and modern design compared to the conventional motorcycles of today.”

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