You know something ironic about this particular situation? Let us face the facts – Facebook’s IPO, while it is definitely large, did not really result in the stock price skyrocketing. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg saw his personal paper fortune drop not too long after his company went public, and analysts from different companies are still in two minds about whether to issue a Buy or Sell call on Facebook’s shares. Having said that, another company which gained prominence due to their association with Facebook, Zynga, has not been doing too well on the stock market, either. This has led to rumors going around that the social network giant might make its move to purchase Zynga.

There are some conspiracy theories that are floating around, among them suggesting that Facebook actually stopped featuring Zynga’s games so that Zynga’s stock price will drop, resulting in a cheaper takeover afterwards. What do you think of that – would it not be too obvious, or could it be sheer genius that folks would dismiss it as being too obvious instead?

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