SpikeWhile we all know that Apple is probably never going to release an iPhone that features a physical keyboard, there are plenty of solutions available on the market to rectify this issue. It looks like we might have one more to add to the mix. Created by SoloMatrix, the Spike is a unique iPhone case that protects your phone as well as provides it with a physical keyboard. However, it isn’t like any other keyboard case available right now.


It features a carefully designed TypeSmart keyboard that doesn’t rely on the iPhone’s Bluetooth capabilities to work (that means no extra battery drain or having to charge the case). It is also uniquely positioned which lets users flip the keyboard aside when it is not in use (i.e. when playing games or running other fullscreen apps that don’t require typing). In addition, the Spike doesn’t cost much more than a regular case, which gives it an edge over the competition.

Unfortunately the product isn’t out on the market yet and requires some Kickstarter funds to see daylight. So if you’d like to own one of these cases, be sure to pledge some preorder money ($20 for early birds) when the Kickstarter page goes live tomorrow.

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