The Microsoft Kinect add-on for the Xbox 360 can be said to be one of the more versatile gaming components to date, and the kind of hacks associated with it has also impressed to date. What is this Kinect hack that we are going to talk about today? Known as the V Motion Project, it will work alongside a motion-based synthesizer which basically enables you to create interactive music that are accompanied by striking visuals, boasting real-time changes using nothing but your body movements alone.

It was created thanks to the collaborative effort of Jeff Nusz, Joel Little, James Hayday, Paul Sanderson Mike Delucci, Matt von Trott, Jonny Kofoed, Josh Cesan and Zoe Macintosh, where it will merge BiKinect with Ableton Live audio software, so that your body movements will be able to be mapped to different controls. I guess DJs had better shape up if they are going to make even cooler music than ever before!

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