If you love using Google Talk or the extremely popular VoIP service that is Skype, then perhaps Vox.io will interest you. Vox.io is a browser-based VoIP service that currently available for iPhone users. To use the app, users will have to create their own Vox.io account first. Once inside the app, users will have the option to make calls and send text messages to other Vox.io users, as well as other contacts in Google, LinkedIn, or any number.

And since Vox.io is browser-based, users can also embed audio, photos, and video from multiple sources into their conversations. Users can also make calls and send text messages to non-Vox.io users via email, Twitter, and Facebook. A link will be sent to a recipient to confirm the contact. Once the recipient will open the link, he or she will be redirected to a browser page wherein the user will be asked to either accept or reject the call.

In case the recipient misses the call for some reason, a notification will be sent to them via email. It’s important to note that  Vox.io to Vox.io calls are free of charge and that local and international calling rates will apply to calls via mobile phones and landlines. A Vox.io Android app is already in the works. You can check out the app and its features here.

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