We have seen many alleged iPhone 5 components leak, although if you’d like an idea of what the next-gen iPhone’s front portion could look like, these photos spotted on Photobucket (via Apple.pro) has given us a glimpse of what the front portion of Apple’s iPhone 5 could look like. This assembled front panel includes the LCD of the phone, the home button, the shielding frame for the display along with the front-facing camera which has been installed behind some shielding as well. While the legitimacy of these components cannot be confirmed at this point, it certainly looks consistent with the rumors that had suggested that the next-gen iPhone will sport a larger (taller) display compared to its predecessors. In any case we suggest you treat these photos with a degree of skepticism for now, but be sure to check back with us on the 12th of September which is also when Apple has been rumored to announce their upcoming handset.

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