It was a couple of days ago that Guild Wars 2 officially opened its doors to the rest of the public who did not pre-purchase or pre-order the game. As expected, there have been some gripes about the game such as connection issues, but that is to be expected, but so far there haven’t really been any major ones which is a good thing, but will ArenaNet sacrifice server stability for higher sales of the game? In an interview with Time, ArenaNet’s president and co-founder, Mike O’Brien was actually quoted as saying that he would have no issues cutting off access to digital purchases of the game to ensure that the player experience is a good one.

“To clarify what I mean by that, we sell the game on our website and we also sell the game at retail. And we know how many boxes we’ve created, so we know how many copies can possibly sell through retail. If it gets to the point where sales are so high that it would be unwise of us to keep selling on our website because it wouldn’t leave enough slots for all the people who’ve already bought and all the people we know are going to buy, then we’d just turn off sales.”

It would most certainly be a controversial move, but for now it seems like there’s really no need for him or ArenaNet to do that, but what do you guys think? Of course this won’t affect players who are already playing, but for those who are planning to buy the digital copy, would this move sit well with you?

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