Now here is a lamp that you might want to consider getting to spruce up that rather drab living room of yours. Basically, this bitplay BANG! lamp  might look rather ordinary at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you would realize that it comes with a “gun”, so to speak, that you use to “shoot” at the lamp in order to turn it on and off. Sporting designer quality finishing that is complete with an innovator’s twist, it will definitely be a gift unlike anyone has ever seen – unless of course, the recipient himself or herself already has one in their own home.

The bitplay BANG! lamp will come with a pistol-type remote control as mentioned, complete with its own battery, although it is rather strange that you would need to purchase your very own light bulb. Expect the remote control to work within a range of 15 meters, although I would not want to test the limits of the range by using it at the very edge of its reception.

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