I guess the word “portable” is used extremely liberally here – especially since portable does not mean you are able to just pick it off the ground and pop it into your pocket. I am referring to the Portable Encapsulator, where it does what it promised – to be able to trap bullets. Initial observations have proved to be nothing short but positive, where it has been said that a few hundred rounds have been shot into this bullet trap without a single bullet going through the test unit. Just how is this made possible?

Well, the clever implementation of a five-high stack of patented Dura-Bloc ballistic rubber does the trick, where the Dura-Block is capable of capturing rounds with a minimum velocity of 600fps, going all the way to 308/7.62. These blocks are sufficiently large to be engaged by the average shooter at just about any range. You should not be able to miss your shot if you are a professional considering the rather generous 24′ x 45′ size makes. Ricochet, spatter and lead dust will not be able to stand up to the Portable Encapsulator, that’s for sure.

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