If you’ve ever stared into the night sky and see the stars and the constellations they form, you have to admit that is indeed a sight to behold. Sam F. from the USA has attempted to recreate that beauty with a concept timepiece which he has based on the Cassiopeia constellation. As you can see in the rendering above, the watch features a zig-zag face with a strip of multi-colored LEDs, presumably in the rough shape/form of Cassiopeia.

According to its designer, the time is read by counting the number of individual LED lights, as demonstrated above. We’re still not sure how to read the time since the LED lights appear to be randomly generated and not necessarily always in the same spot, so we can’t really say much about its practicality. Designed to be worn as a bracelet, it certainly looks pretty sleek and will most certainly do a good job of capturing the attention of many. If you’d like to see this watch made a reality or perhaps leave some comments, head on over to Tokyo Flash for the details. So, anyone interested in wearing this timepiece?

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