Here is an interesting piece of information that teachers might want to consider – will the presence of an iPad in the classroom actually be able to help improve your math scores? According to KIPP Academy, the student passing rate on Spring 2012 KIPP Common Assessment Test is 49% higher in ‘flipped’ classrooms, which is actually a pilot study that relies on YourTeacher’s Algebra 1 iBooks which runs on the Apple iPad. This particular pilot study ran from February through May 2012, where there were several classrooms of 8th grade math students at KIPP Academy in Houston who used YourTeacher’s Algebra 1 iBooks on the iPad instead of the traditional textbook form factor.


This will replace large parts of the students’ traditional Algebra 1 textbook, where 80% of the iPad usage happened outside of the classroom, delivering the core math instruction in a ‘flipped classroom’ model, so that teachers are able to better focus class time on higher-level instruction and one-on-one help. At the end of this particular survey, students from the ‘flipped classrooms’ actually scored better than a control group of KIPP Academy 8th grade math students who were unable to access the iPad.

Do you think that this is a rather conclusive or persuasive piece of evidence that would see other schools

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