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Curiosity Rover Snaps A Selfie
What is it with selfies these days that everyone would love to jump aboard the bandwagon, even if it means the death of wildlife in the process? Well, it looks like the Curiosity rover over on Mars does not want to be left out of the action at all, which is why we have received a selfie of it. In fact, the Curiosity rover has been making its way through […]

Scenes Of The Samsung NX Rover
Most of the time, whenever we hear of the word “rover”, we would more or less think of it as a dog’s name, or being a robot that goes about on Mars to discover more about the Red Planet, beaming back crucial and important information to us here on the earth. The Samsung NX Rover, however, is an exploration rover that will make use of the Samsung Galaxy NX camera. […]

New NASA Rover Wants To Create Oxygen On Mars
It seems that the upcoming rover that will be making its way over to Mars will not only be equipped to perform more archeological digs, but it will also come with a slew of machinations that will enable this next generation rover to create oxygen on the surface of Mars – when it makes it there a good seven years from now, that is.

New Mars Rover Equipped To Perform More Archaeological Digs
NASA is certainly interested to find out what is happening, as well as what has happened on other planets in the past, with Mars being one of them. Having put their Curiosity and record breaking Opportunity rover there before, this does not mean the brains over at NASA have stopped coming up with new rovers for the future. In fact, their upcoming rover to Mars is said to boast of […]


Opportunity Rover Breaks Extra Terrestrial Distance Record
Records are meant to be broken, don’t you think so? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might want to celebrate the fact that NASA’s Opportunity rover on Mars has now achieved a brand new record, having completed a longer distance compared to any other vehicle on the surface of a different planet.

China's First Rover Bites The Moon Dust
Last month we picked up on a report from China’s state news agency which was about Chang’e-3, a probe that the country was sending to the moon. It took off from Xichang as planned and landed on the moon’s surface on December 15th. China called its first moon rover the “Yutu,” meaning Jade Rabbit, a mythical being believed to have a mix of mechanical abnormality and elixirs of immortality, according to […]

China To Send Probe To Moon On December 2
The space race seems to be on yet again, and this time around it would be China who wants to make a statement. In fact, the country is all set to launch a probe to the moon this coming December 2nd, and the probe will be known as the Chang’e-3, as it takes off from Xichang. Xichang happens to be a Chinese launch center when it comes to satellites, and […]

China Sends It First Rover To The Moon This December
China’s state media reports today that the country will send its first ever rover to the moon this December. The government had said a number of times in the past that the launch will take place at the end of this year, as of now the launch appears to be on track. Called the Chang’e-3, it is said that planning and construction of the rover has already been completed and […]

LEGO Mars Curiosity Rover Would Be Realized Soon
The LEGO Mars Curiosity Rover is set to be realized soon from being a fan-backed project.

Opportunity Breaks 40 Year Extraterrestrial Distance Record
This is a record that is 9 years in the making – after a whopping 9 years of roving around, Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Opportunity has finally breached the previous limit that was set 40 years ago where extraterrestrial travels on the ground is concerned. Last Thursday marked the moment when the tenacious six-wheeled robot drove 80 meters (263 feet), which so happened to increase the total distance traveled on […]

Curiosity rover on Mars receives software update
Your smartphone is not the only device hanging around that receives a software update, you know – and neither is your favorite video game console either. How about a piece of machine that is located thousands and thousands of kilometers away from our earth – residing on the Red Planet, otherwise known as Mars, where it is called Curiosity by everyone else? Well, we are pleased to say that the […]

Curiosity sends back 360-degree panoramic photo of Mars
The Curiosity Rover’s landing on Mars was a successful one, and it is time to get down and dirty on the Red Planet. In fact, Curiosity has certainly lived up to its name by sending back another photo on Thursday – this time around, it outdoes the previous photo sent, as this is the first 360-degree color panorama snapshot of the Gale Crater in the world, or should I say, […]

NASA to host $1.5 million autonomous rover contest next month
NASA is hosting a competition for autonomous rovers, dubbed as the Sample Return Robot Challenge, at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts next month. The challenge, one of the many projects that NASA is sponsoring, was originally announced in 2010. NASA is looking for an autonomous rover that can be sent on planetary missions in the future. The Sample Return Robot Challenge will involve unmanned robots – approximately 1.5 cubic […]

Astrobotic Technology Contract with NASA Aims to Improve Lunar Prospecting
Astrobotic Technology has signed a contract with NASA to help conclude whether or not its own polar rover vehicle is fit to transport ice-prospecting payload to the Moon. David Gump, the president of Astrobotic Technology, said, “Astrobotic seeks the immense resources available on the Moon to both accelerate space exploration and improve life on Earth. The lunar path is near term. We intend a prospecting mission in 2015.”

New Rover to attack Mars this November
NASA is currently going through the final paces of introducing their most advanced rover yet, where it is set to launch in the direction of Mars this coming November 25th. The rover is aptly named Curiosity, where it will make its way to the Red Planet by an Atlas V rocket. As for said rocket, that is already awaiting liftoff at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Curiousity […]

NASA's Mars rover: Curiosity almost complete
The NASA rover, Curiosity, which had to abandon its plans to bring 3D cameras to Mars, is almost ready for its mission later this year. NASA has just announced that the exploring vehicle is nearing its final stages of completion and they released brand new photographs of the rover in their labs. Looking like some sort of highly advanced Lego Technic vehicle, Curiosity was definitely designed not to look pretty, […]

No 3D Rover camera from NASA
Here’s an expansion on our previous post about the lack of a 3D camera on the upcoming Rover to Mars – you can forget about seeing the surface of Mars in 3D – NASA has decided to stop any more talk about constructing a 3D camera and equipping the next generation robotic rover that will be heading over to the Red Planet. To put it simply, there isn’t enough time […]

3D cameras removed from Mars rover
For those of you who were hoping to watch 3D footage from NASA’s Mars expedition later this year, you’re out of luck. NASA announced that they have ditched the plans to include 3D cameras on the Mars rover, Curiosity. James Cameron, the director of Avatar, was supposed to be in charge of replacing the cameras with stereoscopic cameras to capture footage in 3D during its 2 years long mission on […]

DFRobotShop Rover targets hobbyists
Want to build a robot out of sheer fun, or do you want to further stoke your interest in this area? This is where the DFRobotShop Rover from RobotShop comes in, where it retails for all of just $89.99. This Arduino-compatible (ATMEga 328-based) robot will move along on treads just like a tank although don’t expect it to be anywhere near as hardy. The entire kit will come with an […]

James Cameron working on 3D camera for Mars rover
James Cameron is no stranger to cutting edge movie making technology, has been roped in to assist NASA in developing a high-resolution 3D camera that will see action in the next Mars rover known as Curiosity that will roll out sometime next year. It seems that this director extraordinare believes the public will be better able to understand the mission if the rover came with 3D imaging capabilities. It would […]