They say that there is no free lunch in this world, and the saying holds true. However, no one said anything about a free-to-play version of Diablo 3 – coming in the form of the Diablo 3 Starter Edition. This is not the complete game, but rather, a limited version of Diablo 3 which will see your character fight his or her way through to level 13 while facing off with the Skeleton King boss in Act I. This particular edition was restricted to those who were waiting (patiently, I might add) for credit card purchases to be processed, or had recently received a guest pass from a friend.

Diablo 3 Starter Edition can be activated with the help of a friend, where you will need to borrow a game disc from a friend, followed by creating a new account, or simply pay a visit to the “Your Game Accounts” section of your current account. Once you feel that you have it in your wallet to purchase the full game, fret not, there is no need to start from scratch as whatever progress you acheived will be carried over when you perform the upgrade to the full version of Diablo 3, where the Starter Edition restrictions are subsequently removed, too.

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