Firefox logoHave you lost count on the version number of Firefox? Assuming you answered in the affirmative, here is a little reminder – Firefox 15 has just been released today, bringing along with it its fair share of features. For instance, background updates enables Firefox to download the update in the background itself, where you can follow up by applying it alongside the current installation, letting you maintain the updated version so that you can switch to it the next time that the browser is fired into action. The whole logic behind this is to do away with the update progress dialog which pops up whenever you kick start Firefox after it has downloaded an update.

For those of you who have already installed Firefox 15 on your respective machines, just how do you find the latest version of this popular web browser? Will it strengthen your loyalty to the Firefox brand, or has it made you look elsewhere for a potential new match up? Feel free to share your experience with Firefox 15 in the comments.

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