I am quite sure for many of us who first watched Minority Report, we were blown away by the user interface that saw the use of a special kind of gloves that worked in tandem with the touchscreen display. Well, Google might eventually venture into this particular field if the latest patent is of any indication. Dubbed as the Google Smart Glove, it was described in a recently issued patent as “Seeing with your hand”. I suppose this sheds new light on what some might say, “Speak to the hand, cause the ear, it ain’t listening” lingo.

To put it in a nutshell, the Google Glove is filled to the brim with electronics, where the fingertips carry cameras, while the rest of the glove has embedded devices such as a compass, a slew of gyroscopes, accelerometers and other motion detectors. Heck, why not cram in a CPU while you are at it, in addition to some RAM and storage space, all on the palm of your hand, and as marketing parlance would put it – power at your fingertips. Bear in mind that the “Seeing with your hand” patent remains as so for the moment, so Smart Glove and Project Glass integration can be considered to be years away still.

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