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'Gecko Gloves' Help You Be Spiderman
Have you ever wished that you had the agility as well as the extraordinary abilities of a superhero, such as Spiderman? Peter Parker’s masked alter ego is blessed with the unique “spider sense” that warns him of incoming danger, allowing his reflexes to save his skin just about every single time, all the while being able to stick onto nearly any surface as the wall crawler goes about his duties […]

BearTek Gloves Allows Its Wearer To Control Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Devices
If you take your smartphone or tablet use serious while you’re out and about, you probably own a pair of gloves that allow you to use your device without needing to slip them off while it’s -70 degrees outside. But if you take your device use really seriously, you might want to take a look at the BearTek Gloves, which allow you to take control of your Bluetooth devices with […]

'Airwriting' Glove Converts Arm Gestures Into Text Messages
It’s a good week for people with arms as earlier this week, Thalmic Labs introduced its MYO Armband which allows the user to control their computer simply by gesturing. And in addition to that impressive piece of tech, Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is showing of its glove that can turn arm waves into text.The GKIT’s “airwriting” glove system allows the person wearing the device to draw letters in the […]

Cooling Glove boosts athletes’ performance sans drugs
The abuse of drugs in professional sports to gain an advantage over the rest of the competition is something that has yet to be fully weeded out simply because it is nigh impossible to happen. Well, an athlete might not be tempted to walk on the Dark Side as he or she can always put on the Cooling Glove. Just what does the Cooling Glove do? At first glance, it […]


Google patents smart glove for a touch of Minority Report
I am quite sure for many of us who first watched Minority Report, we were blown away by the user interface that saw the use of a special kind of gloves that worked in tandem with the touchscreen display. Well, Google might eventually venture into this particular field if the latest patent is of any indication. Dubbed as the Google Smart Glove, it was described in a recently issued patent […]

Capacitive touch panel friends with glove hands now
If there was one thing that I loathe about touchscreen devices during winter, it would be this – you will still need to expose your fingers to the bitter cold when you want to send a text message to someone, simply because there are no physical buttons to rely on. SMK Corp. might change all of that in the future with their capacitive touch panel which can be operated using […]

Tacit haptic glove helps blind "see"
When you are visually impaired, the lack of one sense could prove to make life more challenging to live, but that doesn’t mean you cannot chase your dreams or become successful in your own right. Still, there are many technologies these days that have made living with a visual impairment much more manageable than say, during the Dark Ages of Europe. Enter the Tacit – a wrist-mounted sonar device that […]

Vibrating glove improves sense of touch
Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology might have come across something which will definitely help one improve their sense of touch – via a vibrating glove which is currently in the prototype stage. This glove sports a special fingertip that was designed to improve your sense of touch, where a small vibration is applied to the side of the fingertip so that tactile sensitivity and motor performance are improved.After […]

SensoGlove – the world's first digital golf glove
Golfing enthusiasts who are keen on improving their game but want to do so without being humiliated by a trainer, now have a solution in the form of the world’s first digital golf glove. Called the SensoGlove, this smart glove does all it can to ensure you have the perfect grip on your golf club before you even take a swing. Smart sensors on the glove monitor your grip pressure […]

Turn your glove into a Bluetooth headset
How many of you have always dreamed about talking into an invisible phone? Well the technology isn’t quite there yet, but this new project on Instructables is probably as close as you’re going to get in the meantime. The Lead Java Developer/founding member of Instructables, Rachel, recently posted a guide on how to create your own glove Bluetooth headset that allows you to answer your calls with your hand. What […]

KeyGlove brings touch typing to a different level
The KeyGlove that you see here is a variation of one-handed typing, where it will rely on a series of 34 sensors and an Arduino processor to get its groove on. We’re not sure whether pixie dust is used with the KeyGlove, but we do know it can decipher letters and numbers, without sacrificing the ability to control an on-screen cursor. Of course, as with any pioneering work, there are […]

Glove Mouse goes wireless
The Glove Mouse is the brainchild of Tony Hyun Kim and Nevada Sanchez at MIT, where it is now upgraded with wireless capability so that you won’t need to remain tethered to your machine any more. Each of these gloves come with an LED located on the back of the index finger, where it can be picked up by a low-res webcam in order for it to function as a […]