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As September approaches, we hear new rumors each day about the next-gen iPhone and iPad Mini. An event is expected at some point in the fall for either one of these devices or possibly both. Today, we have found out some new possible info on the appearance of the iPad Mini courtesy of 9to5mac.

The latest rumor indicates that the iPad mini will look like a large iPod Touch, but with thinner bezels on the side. The side panels will also not include the “rocker” from the previous model so the volume buttons will be separate. There will also be a mic on the back.

Some traditional iPad users will be disappointed by the thinner bezels as it may make it more difficult to hold the device while in portrait mode. We’ll have to see if Apple eases on the multi-touch close to the sides in the software. Landscape mode doesn’t have this problem as you’ll have to hold it from both ends, which’ll make it easier for gaming. As for other specs of the iPad Mini, I suspect that a front-facing camera as well as a rear-facing camera are included and LTE connectivity is definitely a possibility as well.

The price is predicted to be at either $200 or $299 and a fall launch event has been rumored to happen, but nothing has been confirmed yet. We’ll keep you updated on the situation as more info becomes available. Let us know what you think of the iPad Mini in the comments section below.

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