About a week ago we reported that some of Apple’s products, namely the iPhone, iPad and Macs could be banned on the 24th of August as part of an ongoing legal dispute between Apple and Motorola. As it turns out, luck really seems to be on Apple’s side as not only did the jury rule in Apple’s favor in the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit, but it seems that a Commission review of the ITC case between Apple and Motorola has determined that the Cupertino company did not violate the patent in question and basically exonerated Apple.

While Apple fans and customers might breathe a sigh of relief, it seems that this is not over yet as the ITC has handed the case back to the judge who gave the initial ruling where he will be reviewing his initial stance on the matter. Basically what this means is that while Apple might have escaped the ban on the 24th of August, there is still a chance that they might have their products banned in the future, although with the judge having to revisit the case, the clock has been reset and another ruling would probably take place in 2013. In any case we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled, so check back with us in the future for more updates.

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