Have you ever boarded a submarine before? I am quite sure that when you were younger, you must have experimented with a particular scientific project that involved mirrors and tubes of cardboard, creating your very own periscope in the process. Well, the $24.99 Prism Glasses that you see here works in pretty much the same way, although you will not be sighting U-Boats and hoping to send one of the enemy’s subs down into the abyss, but rather, it will help you perform your bedtime reading ritual in a far more comfortable manner, as you can now just read a book that is resting on your chest without experiencing any neck cramps or eye strain.

Clever and innovative use of the Prism Glasses will also help you watch TV while you lie down lazily on the sofa or bed, as it does away with the need to raise your head. Apart from being ideal for those who want to chill out, it is also perfect for folks who do have some form of limited mobility.

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