While HTC was the first to build the first Google Nexus device, Samsung has been responsible for the second and third models, and if the rumors and leaks are to be believed, it seems that Samsung could also be responsible for creating the four Google Nexus Android handset. Thanks to a leaked spec sheet (which we guess anybody could have drawn up themselves), specs of the next Nexus handset (GT-I9260) have been revealed.

Once again assuming this leaked is to be believed, the next-gen Nexus handset is expected to feature the same screen size as its predecessor, the Galaxy Nexus, at 4.65”. However it will be going HD and will sport a Super AMOLED HD display. It will also see a bump in processor to 1.5GHz, dual-core of course, and will see an upgrade in camera to an 8MP camera at the back, and a 1.9MP in the front. The good news is that for Galaxy Nexus owners who felt that 16GB was too little, the next-gen Nexus will sport a SD card slot for memory expansion.

We admit that we were kind of bummed that there was no mention of a quad-core processor, or maybe even a screen to match the Galaxy S3, but like we said since this is hardly official information, we’ll be taking it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? The Nexus handset is due for a refresh soon so leaks at this point in time aren’t too surprising.

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