We’ve seen smartwatches before where they basically pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth. In case you’re wondering what a smartwatch is, not only does it display the time, but it also has the ability to display notifications from Facebook, Twitter, emails, messages, calls and etc. Some go as far as letting you answer your calls via your watch so you will never have to take the phone out of your pocket. That being said, Gabriel from France has come up with his own interpretation of a smartwatch which he has dubbed “Smart Connection”.

Featuring a clean and minimalist look, the hole in the center of the watch is not merely for aesthetic reasons and will actually contain LEDs that light up when notifications arrive. The watch will also be touchscreen based and will use colored touch-sensitive e-paper technology since it allows the display to bend. It will also come with the ability to control your music with media controls on the display and will also come with an integrated speaker and microphone to allow you to answer your calls and talk into the watch itself! Unfortunately this watch is only a concept at the moment but if you like what you see, pop on over to Tokyo Flash to leave your comments and rate the watch so that hopefully someday it will be made a reality.

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