After making a short appearance at the FCC, and getting an early reveal by retailer J&R last week, Sony’s PRS-T2 eRader is now officially launched. Priced at $129, this is an eReader that aims at a crowd who want a no-nonsense device and prefer e-Paper to LCD displays. The extremely long battery life and the overall compactness and light weight are also part of the “must-have” features for those users.


Sony has updated the user interface, but overall, it remains similar to many such “high-end” eReaders, so it’s simple and straightforward. Surprisingly, it comes with Evernote (a web information storage service) support in case you want to select (with finger gestures or stylus) and preserve clips for later use. The PRS-T2 uses WIFI for all internet communications and there is no cellular functionality.

In addition to uploading books in open formats, readers can also borrow digital books from select public libraries (15000 according to Sony). Obviously, users can also buy the books from Sony’s Reader Store, which is now completely web-based (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), so there is no software installation involved.

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