While the whole AT&T and T-Mobile deal might be over and done with, it would appear as though Sprint is still busy fighting to gain as much market share as possible and this leaked brochure seems to prove it. Assuming the brochure is to be believed, if you were on another carrier and were looking to make the switch, Sprint will be offering you up to $400 in store credit, which in turn can be used to get yourself a new phone for free. Of course you will be tied to a new two year contract but hey, a new phone for free does sound pretty tempting! Of course there is fine print involved, such as how you must port in a line from another carrier not related to Sprint, which means that Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile and Common Cents Mobile are off the table. In any case this offer is expected to run from the 19th of August until the 15th of September, so if this sounds like a good deal, you might want to head on over to your nearest Sprint store to see if it is true.

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