In the US, save for T-Mobile, all the other major carriers (AT&T, Verizon and Sprint) offer the iPhone on contract. While T-Mobile customers can bring the iPhone onto the network, the carrier isn’t offering it officially.  That being said, thanks to the folks at TmoNews, they have managed to get their hands on an alleged internal memo that come September 21st, the carrier will begin training their employees to sell “against the iPhone”, which means that the carrier will be attempting to do all they can to persuade customers that every other phone in their portfolio would be a better choice than the iPhone. Of course we can’t tell if this leaked memo is to be believed, but it would not be a stretch of the imagination considering that once the next-gen iPhone is released, it will be one of the hottest selling devices, leaving T-Mobile empty handed. In any case we’ll treat this with skepticism for now, but if you’re ever in a T-Mobile store on the 21st of September (or any time after that), try asking a T-Mobile rep if they have iPhones in stock.

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